Funding Application Services

You have a passion. A mission. Ideas that could make a difference in your community. If only you were seen. Heard. Understood.
Sometimes the path to success is unclear. And even more challenging, how to communicate your vision to funders and potential partners? 

Using trade secrets and expert domain knowledge, we translate your brilliant ideas into a “language” that others can understand, are drawn to, and want to support. The result? Your proposals are more competitive and have a higher chance of success.

Resonant Solutions is a trusted partner to give your project the best start possible. We specialize in challenging files and large, collaborative proposals, yet welcome projects of any size.

Our services range from hands-on to high-level, and include:

Strategic advice for proposal leads and CEOs
High-level proposal review that checks for flags, alignment with programme guidelines, and competitive responses
Leading the entire proposal development process including time and task management for all team members and partners
Editing and original writing, including trade secrets that help make your proposal more competitive and fundable
Securing institutional, not-for-profit and private sector partners; negotiating cash and in-kind contributions on your behalf; obtaining strong signed support letters
A customized funding search outlining your best options, with key program information, important dates, matching requirements, and eligibility criteria

It’s not just about helping you get money. It’s about helping you tell your story.

Join a growing, vibrant community of business owners, directors, not-for-profit executives, fundraisers, grant writers, and more. It’s a welcoming space to

  • ask questions,
  • share info,
  • find jobs,
  • discover funding opportunities,
  • learn from peer experience, and
  • get expert advice.

We would love to see you there!

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