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Search through available grants, funding sources, and packages for individuals and businesses to alleviate any unnecessary stress caused by COVID-19. We will update the page when there is new information.

Investment Readiness Program

Funded by the Government of Canada, the Investment Readiness Program (IRP) supports social purpose organizations as they contribute to solving pressing social, cultural and environmental challenges across Canada.
Between $10,000–$100,000 in non-repayable funds

The Investment Readiness Program’s goal is to help social purpose organizations build their capacity to participate in Canada’s growing social finance market and prepare for the Government of Canada’s broader investment in social finance via the Social Finance Fund.

The IRP will help social enterprises to design, measure, and scale in order to get ready to accept investments.

The Government’s 2021 Budget made steps toward advancing Canada’s emerging social finance market by extending the Investment Readiness program by another two years with a commitment of $50 million. This program will help develop the viability of social enterprises.

If you are a:

  • Charity
  • Non-profit
  • Co-op
  • Social enterprise
  • For-profit social enterprise

Sign up to receive program updates and become a member of the IRP network. You can also check back on this page in the coming weeks for updates on program eligibility and application deadlines.

For details, see

Extended until 2023.

Indigenous Business Initiative (IBI)

The IBI supports small and medium-sized Indigenous businesses who have been impacted by COVID-19.
Interest-free loan up to $40,000 + Non-repayable contribution up to $20,000

The Government of Canada’s Budget 2021 is proposing to extend the IBI until June 30th, 2021!

Before December 4, 2020, each eligible business could receive up to $40,000, including up to $30,000 as an interest-free loan and $10,000 as a non-repayable contribution.

Applicants who have received the $40,000 of financing may apply for the $20,000 expansion (of which $10,000 will be non-repayable contributions).

Contact your Aboriginal Financial Institution, Métis capital corporation or the National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association for help determining the best options for relief for your business.

Extended until June 30, 2021

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